On the first Sunday of every month, the organ at St Matthew's, Wookey is quiet as this ancient and beautiful Church is filled with the sound of contemporary worship music and the Church welcomes all to its “Cornerstone Service”.


This service has music at its heart. The fabulous band leads worship through songs by Christian songwriters,  check out our Facebook page for links to some of them on YouTube. Many people find they connect deeply with the music and it brings them to a place of peace, experiencing the presence of God. Some of the songs are lively, some calm and meditative, all encourage us in our own spiritual journey. There’s also a short reflective talk by one of our team of people who support our three Churches and a time of prayer.


If you are one of the many people who is looking for a new or different experience of being in Church and wondering how Christianity is relevant to you and your life then this could be the place for you. This Service provides an opportunity for all who would like a more informal approach, to come together and with the help of engaging music, prayer and talks, and experience the love God has for them. 
Fourth Sunday of the month, 10:30am, Christ Church, Coxley