Lee Abbey Update

February 8, 2018

Lee Abbey is situated in the Valley of the Rocks, next to the sea 



Last week a few people from our ministry team visited Lee Abbey in North Devon, the place of our weekend away for all three churches in September. I have never been before, and the first thing that struck me is the beauty of the place, the pictures really don't do it justice! Lee Abbey itself is a place that has been prayed and worshipped in for decades, and you can feel it as you walk in. The senior chaplain guided us around the recently refurbished rooms and I got more and more excited as we talked! 


The first thing to report is that the staff at Lee Abbey are very excited that we are coming, and its not just because we are three amazing churches in a beautiful part of the country with some awesome people!! They are excited because we have such a diverse mix of people coming. Regular church goers, occasional attenders, mums and babies from our toddler groups, family groups that have had baptisms or attended families@4, elders of the church that have been around for a long time... they are all coming ! It is this mixture of people that demonstrate how much our churches have grown in the last few years and we have left Lee Abbey with the challenge of creating a programme that suits us all! 


And you know what? I think they are up for the challenge ! 


So what can people expect if they come away with us? 


Those who have been around church for a while and enjoy worship in a more formal setting will find the rhythm of prayer a real blessing. The main worship times will be creative and informal, involving everybody. We are aiming the weekend at making sure that everybody gets some rest, nourishment and to leave knowing that they are loved. Therefore, activities will be offered that will pamper you both physically and spiritually ! They are all optional, so if you fancy a walk on the beach or a picnic in the forest then go for it.  On Saturday morning you will get the chance to get some space away from it all, and be guided to pray/meditate on things. 


What about the younger ones?


The children are going to have an amazing time!


We have around 25 children signed up so far, aged from 6 months to 16 and they will all have special groups with lots of fun stuff at times over the weekend (whilst the adults get fed and pampered!). The older children will be able to use the facilities of the Beacon centre, with zip wiring and crating just two of the activities. 


The facilities are excellent, and Kizzy was very impressed with the over-sized bean bags (Picture opposite!).  


On Saturday night we get to have a candlelight dinner and enjoy the popular Steve Price , a comedian and magician  who will entertain young and old.  We will also come together for meals, bonfires and lots of other fun stuff.






I could go on.. but you might be able to tell I am a little bit excited now! We have around 25 places left in this beautiful place. Prices are reasonable, it won't be awkward and you get to spend some time with some lovely people .. and some time to yourself. If you want to book up download a form on the Lee Abbey page.  If the cost is going to be prohibitive, drop me an email .. I am determined that nobody be excluded because of money. 


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