Going back to our roots

June 6, 2018



One of the highlights of the week for me is our small groups.


We started them with a vision for groups no larger than 8 people, who would meet every week blocks throughout the year for mutual encouragement, prayer and discussion. At the moment, three of these groups meet but for the past few weeks have been doing something very different. 


We have gone ‘back to basics’. 


Rather than study a book of the bible in detail, or pick some challenging themes that would help us in a particular area, we all decided to go back to the beginning and try a course called ‘Start’. The ‘Start’ course assumes absolutely no knowledge of the Christian faith and therefore introduces every topic in a very simple, no nonsense way! 


You may think, as I feared, that the course might be relatively unfulfilling for a bunch of Christians on a journey together, but in fact some have found it really helpful and inspiring. It feels like we have knocked down some of the building blocks of our faith and rebuilt them again!  In doing so, we have been forced to look at things in their simplest form and subsequently forced to articulate our faith in a way that is probably more understandable. Church is a wonderful thing, but one of the downsides of it is that we start to take on a different sub-language and culture that can seem a but elitist to those who are not a part of it. 


Maybe everyone in our churches should revisit the basics of their faith once a year! 


If you live locally and fancy being part of our small groups, send me an email and I can explain more. Alternatively, why not talk to someone is part of one?  We are having a bbq for all those in our small groups and those who might be interested in being part of one on Thursday 5th July at the Vicarage, 7pm start.


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