Love. God.

September 7, 2018


How could we describe love


Maybe it is saying something funny just to cheer someone up.


Or perhaps making a cup of tea, finding out you have only boiled enough for one cup and giving it to another person anyway.   


Love might be simply messaging someone to ask how they are ... or charging their phone without mentioning you have done it, just to make life easier. 


Maybe it is travelling to a supermarket,  to get one person a single bar of chocolate.


But these descriptions might not go far enough in trying to describe love.


Maybe then,  love is..


Sitting in silence with another person without feeling awkward. 


Waiting up for someone even though you are tired.


Listening to them when you are dying to cut in and say something.


Or maybe love is about dragging yourself or into the rain just because it will do them good.


Or how about simply ... big hug.



But, the problem is that even those descriptions not describe love enough, do they?


Maybe we need to go deeper.



And describe love as going through it, one more time, even though you are hurt and angry. 


Or shouting at someone out of pure frustration  because you just want the best for them and they cannot see it.


Maybe love is about Knowing the worst a person can do, but still loving them anyway. 


Or hurting for them when it's nothing to do with you.


Or maybe love is simply


The joy of being one 




The despair of being apart 



Nothing I can think of really describes love enough.


Christians been believe that love is so big they describe it as 'God'.  So simply put, God is Love.  Therefore,  in all those little, and big moments God is in each and every one of them. 



If we can love this much on earth, then how much more are you loved by the creator of the universe? 


Maybe love. God. bigger than we could ever describe or imagine.

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