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September 26, 2018

I am very excited that this week a new project will come to fruition.  ‘Can you believe it?!’ Is a new radio show for Glastonbury FM, our local community radio station and it is going to be hosted by me, with lots of help and co-hosting from our Curate, Rev Guy!


I have never been near a radio studio before, so as you can imagine it has been a steep learning curve (and continues to be). A big part of the show is an in depth interview with a different person every week, hearing about how they came to faith and the way which it impacts their lives. I can honestly say that this part of the show has started to change the way I view God for a few reasons.


Firstly, I feel immensely privileged to hear and record these stories and it has been amazing to hear the sheer variety of ways people have described God calling people to him. Through dreams, pop songs and other people to name but a few, God seems to speak through just about everything possible! I find that really encouraging, and I have reflected that I probably do not listen out for God enough in those unexpected places. I have also been reflecting on what a leveller these experiences are for us all. I have so far interviewed a wide variety of people, including Bishops and students who have all had experiences of God in a profound way. If I ever had moments of doubt that God still speaks to us today, then I am now reminded weekly that God not only speaks to us,but does through in ways that we might never before thought possible.


And here is the thing .. once people hear the voice of God, it is always life changing and life sustaining. Yes we go through the ups and downs of life.. but once we tune into God it seems to take a hold of us and shape us into the kind of person we are.


There are more ways I have been affected by hearing these stories that I cannot even articulate at the moment. It is almost as if by hearing them, I take a little bit of their story and make it part of my own and it changes me. So,  If we can do that for everybody via the power of the airwaves then I think it will be amazing!


If you want to hear what’s been going on, tune in Thursday 1-2pm. You can listen online at or local friends can tune in on 107.1 FM. Our first guest is Bishop Peter Hancock. How did he come to faith? How does he sustain it in such a busy work schedule? What does he think about Brexit?! It’s all on this weeks show… drop me an email and let me know what you think!



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