Please find information and documentation below relating to safeguarding in the benefice.


These booklets are produced by an independent Christians Charity  CCPAS (now known as thirtyone:eight) as a resource for anyone who is concerned about how to respond to a variety of safeguarding situations. They give short, easy-to-understand summaries of common topics and practical advice on the steps to take.

General Safeguarding

Help: I'm a safeguarding co-ordinator

Help: How to respond to an allegation of abuse

Help: Someone I care about was abused

Safeguarding Vulnerable adults

Help: Safeguarding Adults

Help: I was abused as a child

Help: Caring for people with dementia

Help: How can I support someone who self neglects?

Safeguarding Children

Help: Keeping a disabled child safe

Help: I want to teach my child personal safety

Help: My child has been abused

Help: I want to work safely with children and young people

Help: How should I discipline my child?

Help: How can I support a child who has been abused?

Help: I need someone to talk to

Help: Online safety

Help: Understanding Under Age Sex

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